Dany Fay and friends GmbH


The new interpretation of tapestry

“Dany Fay & friends” is a studio for unique, handmade interior items based in Germany.

Behind the name stands founder Daniela Fay and her friends, a handful of well-selected partners - each excellent at their profession.


The company shares a strong passion for innovative yet classical & timeless design.


An innovation can be as simple as mixing fabrics and textiles with a special technique by using for example light strings in a new, different way. In that manner, the company creates unique designs, that pick up the relationship between human beings and nature and to stimulate the dialog with the environment.


Exclusive handmade tapestries from the core:


“Dany Fay & friends” creates those by using only the finest materials and an outstanding unique artisan craftsmanship in cooperation with a Swiss family owned manufacturer.

Dany Fay lets her ideas for a modern interpretation of tapestry run free.

The manufactory’s experience and knowledge paired with Dany’s creativity creates a breathtaking eye-catcher in any home, office, public or hotel building and further more.


By using different kinds of woolen threads, tied together with a gentle cutting method, these art pieces are characterized by an incredible 3D effect. In addition, very fine LED-fibers are woven into the tapestry – a unique and unseen way of turning tapestry into contemporary art.